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The Everest Massif


What they are saying about 'THE QUEST: Nepal'...

Alex Harz’s documentary “The Quest: Nepal” is both a straightforward first-person mountain-climbing narrative and an admirable attempt to honor the culture of Mt. Everest’s local communities.  The Everest-climbing sections of the film go through the familiar stages of these kinds of stories, as Harz and his team move from base camp through the various phases of the ascent, while dealing with altitude sickness, cold weather and treacherous terrain.  The video they get from the summit is, of course, beautiful.  But the more interesting parts of “The Quest” involves Harz’s conversations with the Sherpa, part of the filmmaker’s larger insistence on including the people who often get left out of Everest sagas.

Los Angeles Times - Noel Murray

"The Accolade” is not an easy award to win.  Entries are received from around the world from powerhouse companies to remarkable new talent.  The Accolade helps set the standard for craft, creativity and storytelling.  Our highly respected judges from the film and TV industry are pleased with the exceptional quality of ‘THE QUEST: Nepal’ and to help it achieve the recognition it deserves.

Accolade Global Film Competition - Rick Prickett

What Alex has done and done so well is he has combined a pseudo Bourdain's No Boundaries approach with a journey throughout the cultural aspects of the region in which this mountain range presides in Nepal.  We get exclusive access to places no one has been or experienced unless you have actually been there.  There are so many amazing and touching moments driven by the purity of experiencing what Alex experiences. 

Go Indie Now - Joe Compton

Much respect is due as the filmmaker focuses on the Nepalese and the Sherpas in particular.  It gives his documentary an authenticity beyond being purely an adventure or athletic endeavor, though it is most assuredly both of those.  Harz’s love and respect for the culture of the region are critical.

Film Threat - Bradley Gibson

'THE QUEST: Nepal' is like no other film.  The stories and images are very beautiful and unique.  It is the best Mt. Everest and Nepal documentary I have ever seen about our beautiful country!

Ang Tshering Lama

THE QUEST: Nepal follows Alex Harz as he embarks on a journey to develop a deep understanding of the history and culture of Nepal before climbing Mount Everest.  The documentary does an excellent job of cutting together first-hand interviews, climbing action, breathtaking views, and voiced-over storytelling.

Movieweb - Tim Kraft 

The world’s highest mountain has been the subject of countless productions, but The Quest: Nepal tackles the peak from a different angle.  Alex Harz makes a very personal pilgrimage to Chomolungma, not only capturing his attempt to fulfill a childhood dream but visiting Nepal and uncovering the culture and history which is often overlooked.

Backseat Mafia - Rob Aldam

In this beautiful film, Harz records highlights of his 52-day climb to the summit of Everest, or as the Nepalis know it, Goddess Mother of the World.  But even more than that, his documentary comes to us as a welcome gift of clean air, space, and overcoming odds—an adventure with perfect timing at a moment when we all need an escape!

Sally Wendkos Olds - World Renowned Author

Echoing the great travel docus of Anthony Bourdain, Simon Reeves, and Joanna Lumley, “The Quest” also brings us right into the nitty gritty POV of the people, revealing a complex country that is rarely portrayed by the media.

Ultimately, knowledge is power, and this film is just that, powerful.  Like how its director maneuvers across ice sheets and rock crevices, it tiptoes between the touchy topics of faith and spirituality with a respectful and enlightening light.  An informative and thrilling introduction to “The Quest Series” that lays the groundwork for things to come. 

Asian Movie Pulse - Leon Overee

‘THE QUEST: Nepal’ is a good film that accomplishes a promise that is rewarding by itself, but when combined with the introduction of the people of Kathmandu and the history of their city and the country of Nepal, the beauty of Mt. Everest and surrounding Himalayan mountains, it adds to the true magnificence of Harz's journey.

Unspool Hollywood - Neysan Sobhani

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