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'THE QUEST: Nepal' // 'THE QUEST: Everest VR'

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

After spending 63 days in Nepal to document the unique history, culture & nature of this stunning country, as well as climb to the summit of the most iconic mountain on earth, Everest, followed by months of editing and Covid-19 delays, we are honored to finally have the opportunity to share these amazing narrative film experiences with you and the world!

'THE QUEST: Nepal' 2D Documentary and 'THE QUEST: Everest VR' Experience are one-of-a-kind exotic journeys and ascents to the Top of the World (29,032 feet / 8849 meters). Both are designed to take the audience on an “educational thrill-ride” and extraordinary Quest like no other!

To view 'THE QUEST: Nepal', please visit for more info.

To experience 'THE QUEST: Everest VR', please visit

Thanks for exploring with us and enjoy!

Alex Harz

Creator / Host

'THE QUEST: Nepal' 2D Documentary

'THE QUEST: Everest VR' Experience

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